"info" URI Scheme

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Registry Entries

info:ark/ (xml) Namespace for Archival Resource Keys
info:arxiv/ (xml) Namespace for arXiv.org identifiers
info:bibcode/ (xml) Namespace of Astrophysics Data System bibcodes
info:bnf/ (xml) Namespace of identifiers used by the Bibliothèque nationale de France
info:ddbj-embl-genbank/ (xml) Namespace of identifiers for sequence records in DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank
info:dlf/ (xml) Namespace of Digital Library Federation Identifiers
info:doi/ (xml) Namespace of Digital Object Identifiers
info:eu-repo/ (xml) Namespace of identifiers used by the European Repository Systems for describing semantic relationships in Compound and Complex documents.
info:fedora/ (xml) Namespace of Fedora Digital Objects and Disseminations
info:hdl/ (xml) Namespace for Handles
info:inchi/ (xml) Namespace for IUPAC International Chemical Identifiers (InChI)
info:lanl-repo/ (xml) Namespace of identifiers used in the Repository of the LANL Research Library
info:lc/ (xml) Library of Congress Identifiers
info:lccn/ (xml) Namespace of Library of Congress Control Numbers
info:ncid/ (xml) Namespace of NACSIS-CAT Identification Numbers
info:netref/ (xml) Namespace of NISO Standard for Network Reference Services
info:nla/ (xml) Namespace of identifiers for the National Library of Australia's digital & digitised collections
info:nyu/ (xml) Identifiers for New York University Digital Objects
info:oclcnum/ (xml) Namespace of OCLC Worldcat Control Numbers
info:ofi/ (xml) Namespace of Registry Identifiers used by the NISO OpenURL Framework Registry
info:pmid/ (xml) Namespace of identifiers of PubMed records
info:pronom/ (xml) Namespace of PRONOM Unique Identifiers
info:refseq/ (xml) Namespace of identifiers for RefSeq reference sequence record
info:rfa/ (xml) Namespace for Registry Framework Architecture Identifiers (RFA)
info:rlgid/ (xml) Namespace of RLG Database Record identifiers
info:sici/ (xml) Namespace of Serial Item and Contribution Identifiers
info:sid/ (xml) Namespace of Source Identifiers used in the NISO OpenURL Framework
info:srw/ (xml) Namespace of Search/Retrieve Web Services
info:ugent-repo/ (xml) Namespace of identifiers for the University Library Ghent information assets
The "info" URI Registry Prototype is currently managed by the OCLC Office of Research on behalf of NISO.