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info-namespace rlgid
namespace-title Namespace of RLG Database Record identifiers
registration-date 2005-02-14
organisation-name RLG
organisation-address 2029 Stierlin Ct., Suite 100, Mountain View, CA 94043-4684, USA
organisation-uri http://www.rlg.org
contact-person Walt Crawford
contact-email wcc@notes.rlg.org
contact-tel +1 650 691 2227
An rlgid is a unique identifier assigned to any bibliographic record
either within the RLG Union Catalog or any RLG-mounted database. These
identifiers are assigned automatically on records entered online and
maintained on batch-loaded records so as to assure uniqueness in records
loaded in batch form. rlgid identifiers are composed of digits, letters,
and (optionally) a single dash. There is no explicit limit on the length
of an rlgid, and an rlgid does not carry significance other than to
identify a specific bibliographic record.

The uri provided below describes rlgid structure within the RLG Union
Catalog; equivalent structures (with different letter identifiers) are
used for other RLG-mounted databases.
uri http://www.rlg.org/rlinmarc.html#001
RLG identifiers (rlgid instances) in the RLG Union Catalog frequently
appear in the 035 tag (System Control Number) of MARC21 records. In
these cases, the rlgid is preceded by a code contained within parentheses
and representing the originating institution, e.g. (CStRLIN). The leading
code, including parentheses and any following spaces, is stripped off to
create a proper rlgid.

Letters within rlgid instances are not case-sensitive.

The single dash that may appear within an rlg may be omitted (but not
replaced by a space).
native CTYG87-B14807
info-uri info:rlgid/CTYG87-B14807

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The "info" URI Registry Prototype is currently managed by the OCLC Office of Research on behalf of NISO.