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info-namespace doi
namespace-title Namespace of Digital Object Identifiers
registration-date 2003-11-17
organisation-name International DOI Foundation
organisation-address Linacre House, Jordan Hill, Oxford, OX2 8DP, United Kingdom
organisation-uri http://www.doi.org/
contact-person Norman Paskin
contact-email n.paskin@doi.org
contact-tel +44 1865 314033
The syntax of the DOI string is: DIR"."REG"/"DSS
DIR is the Directory Code assigned by the International DOI Foundation,
REG is the Registrant Code assigned to the Registrant by the International DOI
Foundation, and 
DSS is the DOI Suffix String which is assigned by the Registrant.
There is no limit on the length of a DOI string, or any of its components.
Legal characters are the legal graphic characters of Unicode.
uri http://www.niso.org/standards/resources/Z39-84-2000.pdf
DOIs are case insensitive. All DOIs are converted to upper case upon
registration, which is a common practice for making any kind of service case
insensitive. The same is true with resolution. The DOI syntax standard
(ANSI/NISO Z39.84-2000) allows DOI suffixes to be case sensitive.
uri http://dx.doi.org/10.1000/182
uri http://dx.doi.org/

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The "info" URI Registry Prototype is currently managed by the OCLC Office of Research on behalf of NISO.